Friday, 16 June 2017

Soundphiles: The presence and essence of women

The tenth edition of the International Short Film and Documentary Festival of Kerala comes up with the charisma of Soundphiles. It endeavours to render an innovation in the act of listening. It emerged as a conversation between artists, filmmakers and radio practitioners.
The primary edition of Soundphiles was curated for the 10th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival in 2014. IAWRT is a global organisation of professional women working in electronic and allied media with a mission to strengthen initiatives that ensure women’s views and values are an integral part of programming and to advance the impact of women in media. Since then it has been a regular feature of the festival and has travelled to other contexts including the Dharamsala International Film Festival (2014), Transmissions 3 (2015) and IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival Kathmandu (2017). Female film makers Samina Mishra and Iram Ghufran are the curators of this venture. Iram’s work has been screened in several international art and cinematic contexts including the Berlin Film Festival, Experimenta India, and SAARC Film Festival.

Soundphiles will be presented in two sections with the duration of half an hour each. It depicts all stories lasting for not more than seven minutes via the grandeur of voice. Accomplished actors will render voice for this mission.

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