Friday, 16 June 2017

A Tribute to the maestro: Six short films of Wim Wenders in 10th IDSFFK

The 10th edition of the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala will screen six short films of Wim Wenders, the pioneer of New German cinema movement. The films are incorporated in the Maestro category paying homage to the veterans in the cinematic realm.
Wim Wenders who played a significant role among the European filmmakers to destroy the very semantics of 1970’s German cinema has created around 50 films both short and long within the four decades of his celluloid life. Many honours came in search of Wenders comprising Oscar award, Palme d’or, Golden Lion etc. The predominant themes of his movies include the amalgamation of cultures, human instinct for travel, and migration across boundaries and so on. The  movie  ‘Paris , Texas’ bagging Palme d’Or  of the 1984 Cannes Film Festival, ‘Wings of Desire’  with the  Best Direction award of  1987 Bavarian Film Award  and the Oscar winning  ‘Buena Vista Social Club’  for the best documentary are some of his notable contributions.

‘A Trick of Light’, ‘ Notebook on Cities and Clothes’, ‘Pina’, ‘ Room 666’, ‘Tokyo-Ga’ are the films of Wim Wenders to be screened in this section. ‘Pina’, the 3D documentary film presents extracts from some of the most noted dance pieces by the German dance choreographer Pina Bausch .As the images perceived and translated through the 3D vision remains apart from usual eyesight, ‘Pina’ bears a stamp of its own. ‘Tokyo-Ga’ ostensibly deals with the filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu.  ‘Notebook on Cities and Clothes’ is a documentary film about Yohji Yamamoto. Despite Wender's previous disdain for fashion, he undertook filming after being commissioned by the Pompidou Center in Paris. The film loosely centers on a series of interviews with Yamamoto, inter-spaced with footage of his atelier, previous work and his then upcoming show. Notably, Yamamoto's comments and philosophical musings lead Wenders to make his own comments about the nature of cities, identity, and the role of cinema in modern life. ‘Room 666’ raises the pertinent query of the future of film.

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