Friday, 16 June 2017

10th IDSFFK- Cinematography Master Class: Ranjan Palit

Famed cinematographer, filmmaker, musician -Rajan Palit is said to host a Master Class on Cinematography on the 18th of June at the Hotel Horizon. The workshop is said to take place from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Ranjan Palit , a trained professional from the Film and Television Institute of India, has been working as a documentary filmmaker and cameraman for the past 30 years, on themes ranging from protest poetry to the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the Kashmir unrest. His directorial debut ‘Voices from Baliapal’ [1990] won the Golden Conch. As a filmmaker he has made and co-directed a dozen films, including ‘Forever Young’ (on the music of Nobel Prize Winner, Bob Dylan);’In Camera: Diaries of a Documentary Cameraperson’.

A recipient of several national and international awards, he is better known for his act of returning three National Awards in 2015 as a protest against the political climate in the country and the developments at FTII. His filmography includes 250 commercials, 10 short films, 122 documentaries. His debut feature film ‘Lord of the Orphans’ is under production.
He has done a lot of workshops at SRFTII, FTII, Sristhi, Whistling Woods and conducted master classes in Busan, Helsinki, Yogjakarta, Berkeley, Austin and Teipei.

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