Thursday, 15 June 2017

10 th IDSFFK- Mai Masri and Wim Wenders in Filmmaker in Focus Category

The films of Palestine film maker Mai Masri and Malayali director Vipin Vijay are set to be

screened at the 10 th edition of International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala

under Filmmaker in Focus Category.

Mai Masri set her entry to the field of film with her debut directorial ‘Under the rubble’

[1983]. She is a Palestinian filmmaker who studied film at UC Berkeley and San Francisco

State University where she graduated with a BA degree. She founded Nour Productions in

1995 with her husband, filmmaker Jean Chamoun and directed several documentaries that

received over 60 international awards including the Trailblazer Award at Mipdoc Cannes

(2011) and the Luchino Visconti Award in Italy (2004). Masri who has directed 9 films till

date attained fame with her ‘3000 nights’. Iman, a young newly-wed Palestinian bride, is

arrested and incarcerated in a top-security Israeli prison where she gives birth to a baby

boy. Shot in a real prison in a cinéma-vérité style with handheld cameras, the film has a raw

documentary edge that resonates with the reality it portrays. Premiered at Toronto

International Film Festival, ‘3000 Nights’ was Jordan’s official entry for Oscar’s Best Foreign

Film category that year. ‘33 Days’, ’Beirut Diaries: Truth, Lies & Videos’, ‘Children of

Shatila’,’ Frontiers of Dreams and Fears’ are her other movies that fall under this category.

The 7 films of Malayali filmmaker and scriptwriter Vipin Vijay have earned a place of its own

in this category. Vipin Vijay is an award winning contemporary film director and

screenwriter from Kerala. He received the Charles Wallace Arts Award for research at the

British Film Institute, London, 2003. Vipin is the recipient of ‘The Sanskriti Award’ (2007) for

social and cultural achievement. His works are made under independent codes and defy any

categorisation eluding all traditional genre definitions and merge experimental film,

documentary, essay, fiction all into one. ‘The Egotic world’ [2000] is his maiden cinematic

venture. In addition to this, ‘Video Game’ ,‘Palace of the Winds’, ‘Broken Glass’, ‘A

Flowering’, The Image Threads’, ‘Venomous Fold‘ are the other films of this alumnus of

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute coming under this category.

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